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Yes, there is porn out there for women, and it's growing all the time. For years people have said that women just don't like porn, and asserted that we weren't visually stimulated.

It's taken a long time, but finally people are listening to what women want. We want naked men with hard cocks. We want sexy couples who LOOK at each other. We want to see women treated as sexual beings, instead of sex objects. We want to fantasise, and put ourselves in the picture. And we want it NOW!

Luckily, women's porn has exploded recently, and now there's plenty to choose from. This site will help you do that... and give you some fabulous visual stimulation while you're at it!

Have fun!  -  Kayel, webmistress.

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Porn for Women - a look at what's out there for women.

Pure Cunnilingus - Labia licking fun.

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Ms Naughty Porn for Women - More links and my blog about women's pornography


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