Women's Pornography

Women's Pornography? How do you define it?

Women's Pornography is different to mainstream porn, most of which is made for men. It's main goal is satisfying women's fantasies and desires. It's about celebrating sex and sexuality with a focus on female pleasure, it's, about seeing intimacy and pleasure in the act. Women's porn can be full of kisses, tender touches, slow, sensual sex, cunnilingus and female orgasms. Of course, it can be seriously hardcore as well and involve any kind of fetish or kinky act. Women's pornography is ultimately about saying that women like porn, that their experience should be reflected in the imagery, that their needs and desires are important.

It's also about giving in to all those lusty female desires, letting loose and revelling in hardcore, enjoying filthy couples sex, giving the clit a rush of blood, allowing oneself to be pure sex, even for a few minutes.

And it's about taking back some visual ground, about being able to ogle naked men with impunity, just as men have been doing for years. It's about admiring the male form, wanting to look at the penis, wishing for a strong, big dick.

This, my friends, is Women's Pornography. And we need more of it!

There are a number of sites out there that offer porn for women. We like Bright Desire but if you want a larger list, check out Feminist Porn. Glamour also has this list.

NOTE: This is an adult site. If you are under 18, move along!

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